WANTED: Women who are going GraY/
women with gray hair 



All those who participate will receive a COMPLIMENTARY photo session by an award-winning portrait artist at the Jennifer Lindberg Studio--a luxury Studio located in Lockhart that specializes in B&W portrait art. (Value $750) Participants also receive a $100 GIFT CERTIFICATE to apply towards their portrait purchase. (Total value $850.) Please click here to read our reviews on google to hear from our amazing clients.

Each participant may have one of their portraits included in our newest acrylic wall art displays at our 2-story studio.

There is no obligation to purchase, but you'll have a fun and special separate appointment to look at photographs during a Zoom session 1-2 weeks after your photoshoot. As a guide, artwork begins at $495, while most clients spend $1500 and upwards on their finished art pieces and digital negatives. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Jennifer Lindberg Studio located at 103 E. San Antonio Street, Lockhart, TX 78644 (Lockhart is 29 miles from Austin and 65 miles from San Antonio.)

Within the next 8 weeks, dependent on availability

What do I receive?
A chance to be photographed by the award-winning Jennifer Lindberg Studio team at their luxury studio in Lockhart. All participants will receive a completely COMPLIMENTARY B&W Studio Photography session (retail $750) and an additional a $100 GIFT CERTIFICATE to use towards a portrait purchase to say "thank you." There is no obligation to purchase.

How do I book my session date and time?
Once you fill out our application form, we'll review it and Audra, our portrait concierge, will reach out to you by text and e-mail. Sessions are booked after a scheduled short phone call to go over all of the details and confirm we are a good fit. Sessions are taking place on a first come, first served basis.

A $200 refundable retainer fee secures your date and time on the Studio's calendar. This refundable retainer ensures that we have serious and committed clients coming in and is refunded in full as long as you attend your appointments.

Why are you offering these sessions?
We're passionate about creating extraordinary portraits and we care deeply about making beautiful artwork of women and those they love. With your participation, we can make sure more women who are embracing their natural hair color have the chance to be represented in beautiful portraits that show the beauty of silver hair and self acceptance AND we get to update our new displays at our studio.

Can I have my whole family photographed?
Yes! We will be happy to photograph your whole family at no extra cost. Children, Dads, Partners, Grandparents are all welcome! Or, it can simply be all about you.

How long do you keep the photos?
We store everything you love enough to order for one year.. Unordered portraits are regularly purged to make room for future client orders.

How long does the shoot take?
A standard session takes approximately 30 minutes, depending on number of people in the family and ages of the children. We build in extra time for you to change when you arrive and to do one outfit change per session in case you would like more than one look for your portraits. We have a dedicated changing room for you to use.

What do I wear? What looks best in B&W?
Don't worry! You'll receive our customized what to wear suggestion e-mail once you book a session with us. You can also bring several options with you and your portrait artists will help you choose just before your session begins.