Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the Studio's most frequently asked questions with detailed answers. If any questions you have remain unanswered, please call the Studio, Tuesday through Saturday, at 512.576.2889. 

What can I expect from our portrait session?

Before being able to schedule your portrait, you'll have a phone call to discuss your session, pay your commission fee and officially book your date on the Studio Calendar. At that time, we will begin to plan and design the perfect portrait session for your family. We'll ask you a few questions to get a sense for all of the personalities in your family and what's most important to capture for you at this time. Having this short conversation before your portrait sessions makes a significant difference in your results.

On your portrait session day, a member of the JL Portrait Artist Team will welcome you to the charming historic destination studio, built in 1898!

Some families get dressed for their portraits in the comfortable changing room while others arrive ready to go. (This often depends on the ages of the children in the portrait as well as snacks eaten in the car!)

As soon as everyone is ready, your portrait artist creates your portraits in front of a carefully chosen backdrop, hand painted and imported from Europe. They will pose and direct you so you know exactly where to put your hands and which way to stand and position yourselves. They will create something truly meaningful and beautiful for you and your family that at the same time is very "you." 

Do you shoot only in B&W or do you provide color?

can we take cell phone pictures during the session? 

Jennifer and Jim are known for their ethereal and luminous B&W photographic portraits but a handful of their clients prefer color and that's within their expertise too. If you prefer color, please indicate that  in your consultation call and we'll help you to plan your clothing and our portrait session accordingly.

Because phones can distract and impede the portrait making process, photos are not permitted to be taken by clients during any part of the actual portrait session or ordering appointment. Thank you for your kind understanding.

how long will our portrait session last?

how do i see my proofs?

Your actual portrait session lasts approximately 30 minutes, depending on number of people or dogs in the session.

Many clients enjoy exploring Lockhart after their portrait sessions by indulging in some world-famous BBQ or eating at one of our Chef-led restaurants. Lockhart also offers fun local shops, two art galleries, a coffee shop, as well as a Bookery/Gift Shop that many children (and adults) love!

This is an extremely special part of your portrait experience with the Studio. No later than two weeks after your portrait session, you will be scheduled for your cinematic portrait reveal and ordering appointment via Zoom.

This is a poignant time, when we review each of your portraits together with you, allowing you to experience and reflect on the beauty of your family through your portraits. We will help guide you as you select your favorite portraits and presentations that suit your home and aesthetic.

All orders are placed and taken care of at this meeting as on-line postings and printed proofs to take home are not available. The reveal is often described as one of their clients' favorite and most memorable parts of working with the Studio. Please review the Artwork Section of our website to see some of our most popular artwork presentations for our clients.

what is the studio known for?

Jennifer and Jim are known for their exquisite, timeless and luminous Black and White family portraits. Whether a statement piece for the wall of custom home to an intimate handheld Legacy collection of prints, Jennifer and Jim are commissioned by clients who are looking for original artwork of that which is most precious to them—their families.

Being a Jennifer Lindberg Studio client is a bespoke and full-service experience. We delight in every portrait commission, serving each family from the very start with excellence and kindness as our guiding values, guaranteeing all of  our artwork

Whether a stunning acrylic matte wall portrait, or a Portrait Box handcrafted in Italy, Jennifer and Jim's portraiture is original art.

what should we wear?

What else do we need to do to prepare for our portrait session?

We work with you to help select the right clothing for your custom portraits. Many families opt for a formal or semi formal classic and timeless look, while others prefer a more casual style, such as dark jeans, button up shirts for men, and casual dresses or skirts for women, or textured shirts and sweaters for all. The Studio provides all scheduled portrait clients with a detailed guide that includes wardrobe suggestions and ideas and she is available to discuss various options as well.

Here are a few suggestions…
Ideally men will have haircuts 1-2 weeks before the portrait session and not immediately before and close shave the day of the session for gentlemen is also recommended.

For women, touching up hair color if needed is also ideal 1-2 weeks before the session.

Please keep makeup as you usually wear it and avoid any white or glittering eye shadow as it does not photograph well in B&W.  Our artistic style is flattering and does not require that you wear additional makeup or more than you normally wear.

Simple manicures and getting a good night's rest before your portrait session are recommended. Any additional time you invest in preparing for the portraits will pay off.

Where should I hang my artwork? 

Most commonly, clients choose to hang their artwork in their dining room or above the fireplace in their living room where they will see it frequently. Others enjoy hanging their portrait where it can be seen as soon as they walk in the front door of their home. 
Some of our clients who already have original art throughout their homes choose to display their portraits in the children’s bedrooms and playrooms, in their Master bedrooms, or in hallways dedicated to family portraits and family history, i.e. gallery walls. The stairway is also a popular option.

i love them all! how will i choose?

I hate pictures of myself! Help! 

Many times clients are genuinely surprised by how moved they are by their portraits. The Studio's in person ordering meeting and selection process helps clients to decide and order with confidence--even those who are more visual and who need to see something first before choosing it.

At your selection and ordering appointment, you'll be able to see your portraits, as Audra guides you through this fun and poignant meeting. And, for those that do fall in love and need assistance with purchasing, interest-free payment plans are available for some artwork options.

You are in for a treat! All ordered portraits are finished with the Studio's  gorgeous signature style and lavish artistry.

The portraits that you select and order receive our highest level of Artistry, including complimentary additional modifications at your request to make your portraits even more beautiful and striking.

Past requests have included softening lines, stray hair removal, whitening teeth, filling in missing or crooked teeth, braces removal, "slenderizing" waists and arms, reduction of double chins, and adjusting clothing, etc.

Perhaps most important to keep in mind is that creating a portrait like this is a true gift for your children. Parents tend to see themselves critically while children simply love seeing the family together. Family portraits are a powerful nonverbal way of showing our children how much they are loved and valued.

If you are the parent who is always behind the camera, or if you dislike yourself in most pictures, please know that this will be a unique experience for you. JL Portrait Artists use their  expertise in posing and lighting to create flattering portraits that also feel very "you."

do you have weekend appointments?

who should attend the reveal & ordering appointment?

Yes! While our Portrait Sessions are primarily scheduled on Fridays and school and Federal holidays at the Studio by appointment, select weekends are available. Please enquire.

Ordering and selection meetings are held via Zoom, also by appointment, typically no more   than 2 weeks after your session. The Studio is closed Mondays for family time.

If you are married or partnered, both you and your spouse or partner will not want to miss this appointment! 
In most relationships, both members have at least some input (either financial or aesthetic) in the selection process. 

Experience has shown that clients feel much more confident of their choices and decisions when they are made together. If one of you is unable to attend, please call to reschedule. It’s that important!

How will we know the right size for our portraits? 

To help you in your selections, we have a unique review process in place. This enables you to see the portraits in great detail. Then, once your portraits are narrowed down to your top favorites, they can be enlarged or reduced on our system for careful consideration. The process is exciting and fun!

Typically, one size resonates, moves you the most and feels right for you. We're also able to help determine the optimal size for the portraits you've selected. Our  unique process helps you  to feel confident in your decisions.

We’re coming in from out of town to your lockhart Flagship Studio. Where do you recommend we stay? 

how long will it take to receive my artwork?

We  have been commissioned by families from Fort Worth, Houston, Pearland, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and the Hill Country. We have a list of unique and fun places to stay in Lockhart such as: The Brock House Apartment, The Caroline, The Carlisle House, The Gambrell House, Ellison House and the Last House on Church Street.

Lockhart is a popular tourist destination. Over 250 thousand people come annually from all over the world to eat BBQ in Lockhart. The Main Square offers shopping, both vintage and new, amazing Chef-led restaurants, craft cocktails, espressos, 2 art galleries, fun shops, Texas’ oldest library and and Wendy R's Bookery/Gift Shop  that is a big hit with kids and adults alike.

 The Studio's Wall Art Portraits and Boxes are hand crafted by the finest purveyors from all of the world.
Clients are given a time frame of 6 weeks up to 4 months for their artwork to be completed. Your artwork will be lovingly packaged and shipped to you at home, making the process of adding heirloom quality art to your home both convenient and simple. Digital Artwork takes an average of 4 weeks to complete.

We're not really sure we're wall art people. what if we just want a few small PRINTS or digitals?

We understand! Most clients have never experienced a portrait session like this. They are truly surprised by the  beauty of the portraits that we are able to create of their families. 
As this is not a cookie cutter or mall type of experience, expect something special and expect to find something perfect for your family. There are beautiful options available to suit a wide range of preferences, with wall art with a matching digital beginning at 1895. 14 inch printed portraits begin at 495.  Digital Packages begin at 1995. Please see the Studio's Artwork Section for more details.

I see you mentioning commissions. what is a commission?

how can i contact you?

what is your address?

A Commission is a pre-paid fee that reserves the date on our calendar for your session. The fee is then applied towards your artwork purchase. Our current minimum commission is seven hundred and fifty dollars. Commission fees vary by day of the week, location, type of session and number of people in the portrait. Please contact the Studio for details.

Feel free to call or text the Studio at 512.576.2889 and we will reply as soon as possible. Please note that we are closed on Sundays and Mondays.

The Studio is ideally situated on the Main Square of Lockhart at 103 E. San Antonio Street, 78644. Built in 1898, the JL Studio is a historic gem that has been renovated as part of Jennifer and Jim’s passion for historic preservation. Lockhart was featured on the cover of Texas Monthly Magazine in 2018 and clients enjoy exploring Lockhart for its BBQ, shopping and historic charm.

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